1 = area of endeavour [area of endeavor], discipline, field, subject area, subject field, area of study, knowledge domain, subject domain, discipline of knowledge, subject discipline, topic area.
Ex. This becomes all the more significant as computers begin to affect virtually every other area of endeavor.
Ex. A discipline is an area, or branch, of knowledge.
Ex. An appreciation of alternative approaches is particularly important in this field where trends towards standardisation are the norm.
Ex. Some schedules for some subject areas have now gone through several editions.
Ex. Subject field to be covered must be determined by making explicit statements concerning the limits of topic coverage, and the depth in which various aspects of the subject are to be treated.
Ex. Bowers has always placed great stress of his opinion that analytical bibliography is a subject which can be pursued as an entirely independent area of study for its own sake.
Ex. Researchers gather and disseminate information outside their core knowledge domains through personal networks.
Ex. However graphic design tend to focus on external aspects of representation that apply at a general level across a wide range of subject domains.
Ex. The disciplines of knowledge are in some way concerned with the nature of human experience and belief.
Ex. Respondents indicated that they needed to master several subject disciplines and a sizable vocabulary to understand the literature they use.
Ex. This is the second revision of the topic areas in as many years.
* basado en las disciplinas del conocimiento = discipline-based.
* curso que abarca varias disciplinas = umbrella course.
* disciplina académica = academic discipline, academic field.
* disciplina científica = scientific discipline.
* disciplina de estudio = field of study.
* dividido en disciplinas = discipline-oriented [discipline oriented].
* en varias disciplinas = cross-domain.
* específico de una disciplina = discipline-specific.
* estructurado en disciplinas = discipline-oriented [discipline oriented].
* información sobre una disciplina = discipline-oriented information.
* jerga de una disciplina = subject jargon.
* resumen hecho para una disciplina concreta = discipline-oriented abstract.
* sistema de clasificación por disciplinas = discipline-oriented scheme.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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